Ground Investigation And Survey

GEOSOND S.A. conducts a wide range of investigations, planning and expertise work regarding the execution and monitoring of construction behaviour.

  • Site investigation for all types of construction
  • Geological investigation of construction materials
  • Hydrogeological investigation for underground water supply
  • Hydrogeological investigation for ground water level decrease and drainage
  • Environmental impact study
  • Investigation for remediation of contaminated sites
  • Studies for consolidation and repair of architectural monuments
  • Research for grouting formulas
  • Special foundation planning
  • Projects for foundation soil and slope consolidation and sealing works
  • Projects for repair works on existing consolidations and sealings
  • Projects for well drilling, well repair and decommissioning
  • Projects for carrying out drainage of mineral deposits
  • Projects for execution of earthwork and rock fills (dikes, embankments, dams)
  • Projects for monitoring of construction behaviour
  • Geotechnical or geological-technical assistance in foundations, executions and installing measurement devices and control equipment
  • Draw up of ground expertise reports based on the data provided by measurement devices and control equipment (especially for hydrotechnical and engineering structures)
  • Stability assessment of consolidated slopes